Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Allright, the storm is I've felt annoyed over the emblem system for a while and something must have triggered the rage yesterday. I had a chat with a friend yesterday about it and eventually I didnt have any anger left..everything he had said sank in and I feel completely fine with the system. I even went to the emblem vendors to check what I need for the three specs and calculated how many emblems I need. It's a lot..about 431 conquest emblems haha but those are for holy, shadow and disc. Only need 86 or 114 for holy, 155 for shadow and 162 for disc. Easy earned if I start farming heroics again including doing as many raids as possible^^

Then there's the triumph emblems..well I guess I'll buy the holy gear for those, cheapest first. Tier gloves and shoulders only cost 30, helm+chest+pants 50 each. We'll see how it goes^^ Gonna gather some friends or guildies and do as many runs as possible each day. Promised a friend of mine to save him a spot and another friend asked if we could farm. Think at least one guildie is up for it and an old friend as we're basicly 5 already haha. We'll see:)

Gonna head to the guild forum and continue with the tactic posts..I stepped down as Guild Leader and am only a PvP Officer but I really wanna do it anyway. I'm not used to do nothing lol

What can I say...

Feeling so pissed off right now..can't describe how much I dislike this new gear-emblems thing. Feels like the things I fought for before is just a huuuuge waste of time. Why the fck should I have done all those crap PuGs to get the gear? Now you're able to simply farm 5m HEROICS and get the t8.5 gear incl some t9 pieces. Geez...the things I earned by raiding is just crap now, everyone can have them like 1-2 weeks after dinged 80 by farming 5m heroics.

Sure, it's fun to get the almost best gear in game that fast but what's the fun with it when more or less EVERY 80 will have the exact one? Including have top gear in 1-2 offspecs? According to me that aint fun. It was fun to have almost full t8.5 by doing RAIDS and such, really had to work for it and go into raids, not by doing heroics that almost blue geared players could do. Before you had to get gear from the heroics, then head into easier raids and finally into the harder ones. Players with t8-t8.5 are able to do Ulduar, basicly everyone will be able to do that raid within a couple of weeks and the only challenge will be the new raid..geez

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Imba alt ;D

Been playing on Dotfeast (my lock alt) almost every day since i made her, lvl 14 right now and going up fast. Bought the BoA shoulders and staff the same day that I made her and today I bought the BoA chest as well. Had to convert some valor emblems into heroic ones but oh well..I barely need them so.

Soon time to get mount ;D Meaning soon no more running, YAY!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Characters

I just realised..perhaps I should mention my characters? Goes extremely fast..^^
--->Elica is my main and right now my only 80. She has holy as main spec and is ready for at least Ulduar10 as healer (done bosses there on hardmode), assuming Ulduar25 now as well. I've worked quite a lot on her simply cus I've really enjoyed playing her..done lots of achievements, like OS10 3d :D

That was pretty much it..haha. I barely play with any other chars. I can mention some of my alts though which I might play with.
--->Dotfeast is the lock I created today. I'm stoked^^ I wanna get her to 80 soo badly! (still shocked that the name wasnt taken already haha)
--->Dilara is a 46 paladin right now, an ex 29 "half" twink. Was so fun running around and nuking hordes without getting killed easy. I miss that^^ Frustrating to wait like 30 mins in queue though incl I heard rumours a loooong time ago that they'd add XP in BGs so I decided to lvl her..came to 46 and got bored hehe. She'll be my tank if she'll reach 80, not sure if I'll choose holy or retri as offspec.
--->Sinase is my ex main, hunter. She was 70 in TBC, PvP focused. Gave up on her at 71 cus I felt sad I had to give up PvP with her..and it was so boring to lvl once again :p Went to Elica and got to 80 pretty fast even though I was holy most of the time.
--->Diza is my horde character and only horde I play with, rogue. Mostly cus I wanna be able to chat with an old really good online friend of mine. She's like 54 I think, I cant be arsed to lvl more right now cus it feels so boring unless my m8 is online.

I have 10 chars on Quel'Thalas so these aint all, only the most active ^^

Dot Feast!

Right now I dont really have any goal with my 80..I'm not in a raiding guild so I dont have to focus on gear, schedule and such. I dont need to be available every day. Feels great but it gets pretty boring when I'm not far away from full t8.5 gear as healer..and I cant really bother to get the DPS gear cus I always get called in as a healer. I enjoy it as well so I dont mind, but it gets tiring to farm heroics, do the same raids over and over again..without really needing anything but some emblems and money. I dont know what to spend the money on either so I guess it's just emblems and the fun I'm after^^

To the point ; I've finally begun to lvl an alt again, I missed it..and I think I'll be able to lvl it to 80 this time. Well, so I hope^^ Always give up alts and go back to Elica which is my 80 priest..I couldnt be bothered to lvl my 71 hunter, 46 pala, ~54 rogue or any other lower lvl character.

I'm really gonna try to lvl up this lock I created, easy to get gear for her as well cus Elica has almost maxed her tailoring :D Lock as dps, Elica as healer and I really hope I'll manage to lvl my pala (tank & probably dps) as well..a m8 asked if we could lvl up together so we'll take my pala and his druid in that case^^

*Crossed fingers*

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Blog!

For those that are interested of my general life, not things about WoW, please go to
I'll write about everything there, anything that pops into my head. Enjoy! ^^

Friday, July 31, 2009

What The Eck is that name?

I'm guessing several of you will ask yourself that question, at least the first time perhaps. It's as simple as this; I play WoW.
Still don't know? Lets say like this then; a geek running around in a game doing achievements which won't give anything else than irl timeloss, some amusement and a nice 10 point in game - points that won't exacly give anything either.

So..why do all this? Once again it's easy to answer, because I've already answered it. Amusement! Trust me, it's fun to do all those "meaningless" things. And be honest.. if you haven't tried the game and haven't tried to play it, you can't say comments like "the game is shit". It's like complaining on the result of a voting and you didn't even vote because you chose not to. Experience or act before you complain about it^^

My first first blog and my first opinion posted. Hope I didn't scare you off already because there will be more!