Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Allright, the storm is I've felt annoyed over the emblem system for a while and something must have triggered the rage yesterday. I had a chat with a friend yesterday about it and eventually I didnt have any anger left..everything he had said sank in and I feel completely fine with the system. I even went to the emblem vendors to check what I need for the three specs and calculated how many emblems I need. It's a lot..about 431 conquest emblems haha but those are for holy, shadow and disc. Only need 86 or 114 for holy, 155 for shadow and 162 for disc. Easy earned if I start farming heroics again including doing as many raids as possible^^

Then there's the triumph emblems..well I guess I'll buy the holy gear for those, cheapest first. Tier gloves and shoulders only cost 30, helm+chest+pants 50 each. We'll see how it goes^^ Gonna gather some friends or guildies and do as many runs as possible each day. Promised a friend of mine to save him a spot and another friend asked if we could farm. Think at least one guildie is up for it and an old friend as we're basicly 5 already haha. We'll see:)

Gonna head to the guild forum and continue with the tactic posts..I stepped down as Guild Leader and am only a PvP Officer but I really wanna do it anyway. I'm not used to do nothing lol

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